Father's Day

We celebrated Father’s Day by having “Donuts with Dad”

May 2019 CARE Award Winner

Congratulations to Amanda Gallion, our May 2019 CARE Award winner!

Amanda has been working in our housekeeping department for the last 2 and a half years. She is always willing to lend a hand and cares about all of our residents. Amanda says she likes working at BDNRC because “I love all of the residents. It’s like home”. 

Congrats, Amanda! We are glad to have you on our team!


Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms! Our activities department had a special party for them this morning, where handmade flowers and certificates were given to our residents. 

We hope you’re getting to spend the day with your loved ones 💕

Derby Day

Derby Day was a blast! We started by decorating our derby hats. Then, we had hot brown sliders and pink lily drinks while staff & residents raced their own horses. We’ve placed our bets and are ready for the big race tomorrow 🐎🏆

Banding Together for Dana

We’ve always considered ourselves a family. 

When our beloved coworker, Dana Frame, was diagnosed with cancer, we knew we couldn’t let her go through this without our support. Dana (center, pink shirt) has been receiving chemo all the while continuing to work full time as a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

Today was the first day Dana felt she needed to wear a bandana because of the affects of the chemo. Nobody wanted her to feel alone or stand out, so everyone surprised her by showing up and wearing a bandana. 

It’s an example of how we take care of each other. How we love one another. 

We love you Dana!


April 2019 CARE Award Winner

Congrats to our April 2019 CARE Award winner, Brittany English!

Brittany has been a part of the BDNRC family for almost 6 years, working in a variety of roles. She currently works as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She says she likes working at BDNRC because “everyone is like family”. 

Thank you, Brittany, for your commitment to BDNRC!


March 2019 CARE Award Winner

Congratulations Melinda Frames, our March 2019 CARE Award winner!

Melinda has been with BDNRC since 2006, and over the years she’s done a variety of roles - from Human Resources to CNA, she can do it all! Melinda says what she likes most about BDNRC is “the residents and the family-like atmosphere.”

Thank you Melinda for your commitment to BDNRC and our residents! We appreciate you!


Employee Appreciation Day

Today was Employee Appreciation Day! Thank you to Matthew and the crew at Dairy Queen for bringing our staff blizzards. Our staff also received some fun prizes!

Thanks to the wonderful staff at BDNRC for always being committed to our residents. We literally couldn’t do what we do without you.